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Vintage American Made Z's

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I love Old A’s.  Known for their versatility, Avedis Zildjians have probably been used on more recordings than any other type of cymbal; they are an archetypal sound; a defining Standard by which others are measured.  Basic Bronze!

Because their manufacture relied heavily on modern machinery (as opposed to hundreds or thousands of hammer strikes made by a human), it is widely assumed/believed that (old) Avedis cymbals were incredibly consistent.  I agree…sorta; depends what we mean by “consistent”.

There are good ones, not-so-good ones, and absolutely great ones!  In that sense, I’m not so quick to agree that they are/were any more consistent than their Turkish cousins.  A New Stamp is basically a New Stamp, an Old Stamp an Old Stamp, etc, etc.

But, of course, much more important than how they were made is how they sound–now!  To me, Old A’s are a class act suited for the most wide range of musical types out there.