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A legend of our time, Roberto Spizzichino is widely considered the Modern Master of independent cymbal making.  An artist dedicated to his craft, Roberto worked incessantly to achieve “the sound” as he heard it and was not particularly keen on taking “special orders” as he really just wanted to do his thing.

A substantial part of “his thing” was paying homage to old Turkish K’s.  This is clearly obvious when you see and play a decent selection of his cymbals.  Here’s a pic of a 20″ “Tribute” (his version of 50′s Turkish K’s):

And here’s a pic of a 22″ Old Stamp K:


With his unfortunate passing in late 2011, Roberto’s cymbals will remain a legacy for cymbal lovers and admirers of the Craft.  I feel honored to have played many of his works and to have had many conversations with his US distributor Lee Ruff about Roberto and his process.  Here is a wonderful video that offers a glimpse into the soul of the man himself: