SOLD – 1963 Slingerland “Black Sparkle Pearl” – 12/14/20!


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Product Description

Here’s a cool kit in a finish you don’t see very much.  Known as Black Sparkle Pearl, the wrap has a black base with lavender flakes.  Under the right lighting the kit is impressive and definitely has a “starlight sparkle” vibe a la Gretsch.

Sound-wise the toms sing well into the upper stratosphere and the kick is deep and punchy.  All drums date stamped 1963 with mahogany interiors.  There are some “bulges” underneath some of the lugs on all three drums (see last pic); I believe this is how they came from the factory and constitute no threat to the integrity of this kit.  Some of the heads have been replaced; here’s the breakdown:

8×12: some snare rash as pictured; otherwise clean.  New Aquarian TC1 on the batter side and coated Diplomat on the resonant side.

14×14: some scratches here and there; hard to picture in direct sunlight.  Not perfect cosmetically but not so bad either and under stage lights no one would ever notice.  New Aquarian TC1 on the batter with a lightly used coated Ambassador on the bottom.

14×20: the inlay on one of the hoops was replaced with solid black; it is loose and taped down in some areas.  I think the black looks good though and should just be re-glued.  The other hoop has the original inlay though roughly half of it has broken off.  Rail works good with some chrome loss.  Front head is a coated Ambassador in good shape and the batter side has a clear Powerstroke with a sizable dent.

This is a fantastic kit.  Here’s a quick sound file:

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