SOLD – 22″ Spizzichino “Survivor” Ride — 2515 grams


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Product Description

Before the Great Tragedy occurred, I had dubbed this piece of bronze the “Saturn Ride”.  Not only because of its deep lathing grooves around the perimeter, but also because this was obviously one of Roberto’s “experiments” with B20.  There is clearly some sort of patina treatment that gives the cymbal a kind of rainbow hue; I also imagine he was playing with chemicals to alter the hardness of the metal.  Asian alloy?  No, Alien Alloy!

But then, there was misfortune…

Due to some neglectful hands under employment of the United States Postal Service, the Saturn Ride suffered a serious blow — a split in the metal about 1.25″ from the edge and approximately 10″ across.  It appeared that this beauty was slated for the dust bin of history; the graveyard of its Cracked K ancestors…but with a little TLC…Resurrection!!!  The Survivor Ride!!!

And that leads us to the good news…this baby still sings!  Quite beautifully I might add, like nothing ever happened.  Sonically this is definitely in Bill Stewart territory — very controlled, “dry complex” vibe.  The stick is incredibly strong and on top; powerful shanks and crashes abound but the definition is always immediately available.  But enough with the adjectives, here is some audio:

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