SOLD! Gretsch Round Badge – 12/14/20 – Black Nitron!


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Product Description

Black Nitron Round Badges!!!

Classic drums, in classic sizes, and a classic finish — and the price is right.

14×20: Bass drum sounds great; put on a felt strip batter side and you have 20″ vintage heaven.  Spurs are modern Gretsch copies of the original design.  One of the hoop inlays is missing; the other is present and loose but can easily be glued back down.  Some seam lift on the bottom and a little crack in the wrap around one of the spurs as pictured.

14×14:  Some minor seam lift but otherwise great.  Tune her up or down and she will go there no problem.

8×12: This drum was professionally re-wrapped to match the rest of the kit.  The match is perfect minus the fact that it is missing signs of 40-50 years of use.  Drum is very clean and sounds amazing tuned in the upper ranges.

Here are a few audio clips with different tunings.  The heads used are clear Ambassadors on the bottom and either coated Ambassadors or Aquarian Vintage heads on the top.





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