SOLD – Pearl Astro Stencil Kit – 12/14/20 – MIJ


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Product Description


Vintage Pearl “Astro” set.  8×12, 14×14, 14×20.  Kit is in great condition and sports Rogers-style hardware.  The 12″ mount is easy to use and actually more flexible than the original Swivomatic design it is modeled after.  Six lug tuning on all three drums and the sound engenders a warm, mellow, fuzzy vibe.  A couple of the bass drum T-Rods are replacements.

Coated G2′s for the tom batters and single-ply heads for the resos (coated on the 12, clear on the 14).  Original heads on the kick with a felt strip on each side.  Nice tuning range despite only six lugs on the 14 and 20.  They sit nicely in medium and low pitched zones.

And need I mention that the finish is super-fly!

In short, this kit is Mojo for the budget-conscious player or a small investment for the vintage collector.



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