SOLD – Vintage Pearl MIJ Drums – 12/14/20/14


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Here’s a real treat for the MIJ fans out there.  1960′s Pearl with 3ply Luan shells and re-rings.  The 12″, 20″ and snare are part of a factory set; the 14″ floor tom is not original to the kit but is of the same shell composition, wrap, and era.  I’ve used these drums personally in various orphan configurations and find them a joy to play.  Here’s a piece-by-piece breakdown:

8×12: probably the cleanest drum of the lot with Stick-Saver style hoops.  Sounds excellent in medium to high tunings.

5.5×14: warm, fat, and chunky!  Stick-saver style hoops that are a bit dirty and rusted.  Great drum to play on though admittedly the throw-off is a piece of junk.  It works but barely.  Replacing the strainer is definitely a worthy consideration.

14×20: big, warm, and open sounding.  The wrap has aged unevenly in various places and the hoops have average wear.  Pick your favorite heads and muffling techniques and you have plenty of sonic options with this bad boy.

14×14: as stated above, this drum is not original to the kit but is the same 3ply Luan with re-rings shell and the WMP wrap is identical (though noticeably faded to a darker hue).  Triple flange hoops, six lugs, Tempro badge, and a small split at the re-ring and inner ply on the resonant side of the drum — not a big deal for a kit of this age and value.  Drum tunes up easily and has decent range up and down.

Here’s some audio:


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